Government Projects

Maritime Domain Awareness System

Designed intelligent agent-based system for Marine Domain Awareness project using Java and Oracle PL/SQL. Chose agent technology, developed requirements, design, schedule and implemented agent system. Integrated tracking and monitoring agents into 2D Tactical display system which fuses data from worldwide sensors and data sources (AIS, SPS-73 radar, ROTHR) to produce a C2ISR center for border patrol, port security. Implemented system in java using JADE (Java Agent Development Environment) agent framework, IBM ABLE beans (Agent Building and Learning Environment) and FIPA agent language.

Using live sensor data, intelligent agents assign threat levels based on spatial factors such as proximity, course, speed, and formations. AI algorithms predict likely paths, detect anomalies, alert users. Other agents simulate predicted movements. Agent ontology is used to enable OWL-based web tools to access marine domain awareness system.

Technologies: Eclipse, Rational Architect and Protégé ontology and knowledge-base editor, Oracle Spatial 10g, Oracle Application Server and Systinet web services.

3D Modeling and Simulation System

3D Modeling & Visualization System for Undersea Warfare using Eclipse and C++. Also created lifecycle and CM process for team including automating build process, created Best Practices web site, process management, configuration management standards, and monthly review meetings. Redesign of 3D visualization software user interface replacing raster fonts with TrueType fonts in OpenGL and lib3d, improved performance with Rational Quantify, Purify; introduced new tools: Eclipse, RUP, UML.

Command Information Center of the Future

Contributed to Command Information Center for future naval vessel. Designed agent-based system to integrate tracking information from multiple sensor sources (surface, subsurface and air) and a Decision Support System to feed into a three-dimensional visualization engine. Designed a messaging protocol for multiple components: sensors, decision support systems, simulators. Designed using DARPA-sponsored CoABS (Control of Agent-Based Systems), running on Suns distributed JINI grid environment.

Supercomputing clusters

Coordinated software conversion for $9 million DARPA supercomputer project (128 CPU, eight-cluster multiprocessor with hierarchical caches, connected via a fiber optic bus) at Encore Computer.