Intelligent Agent Technology

Intelligent software requires an intelligent framework. IntelliSkills has used a number of advanced agent technologies to implement advanced solutions that require components be adaptable, partitioned and/or mobile.


JADE, the Java Agent DEvelopment Framework, is a widely-used multi-agent software framework fully implemented in Java language that is used to build agent applications. It has a middle-ware that follows FIPA specifications and uses a set of graphical tools in debugging and deployment phases. The agent platform can be distributed across machines (which not even need to share the same OS) and the configuration can be controlled via a remote GUI.


ABLE, IBM's Agent Building and Learning Environment, provides a set of Java interfaces and base classes used to build a library of JavaBeans called AbleBeans. ABLE beans include AI capability with rule-based inferencing using Boolean and fuzzy logic, and for machine learning techniques such as neural networks, Bayesian classifiers, and decision trees.


CoABS, the Control of Agent Based Systems, is a highly scalable, secure, robust, light weight agent framework developed for DARPA. It has been used in numerous defense projects, and is built on top of Sun's JINI network.

Unicenter TNG Agent Framework

Unicenter TNG, the largest enterprise management suite, uses an agent framework on a Common Object Request bus providing common services, over an SNMP network. Agents can be built with the Agent Factory API and access numerous services including an object repository, catalogue management, caching and event management.